Baby Mice/Monkey Mitts

This Character Set is to be used in conjunction with the Monkey Mitt and easily attaches to the fingers with Velcro.  The set includes 5 characters, the words to the Rhyme and 1 Activity Suggestion.

WZ137  Baby Mice  $8.95      Sale Price  $2.95 

The Words to the Rhyme:
Where are the baby mice?
“Squeak, squeak, squeak.”
I cannot see them,
Peek, peek, peek.
Here they come out of their
hole in the wall,
One, two, three, four, five
And that's all!

Activity Suggestion: When the children chant "peek, peek, peek," use a book to hide the mitt and mice.  Make one finger and one mouse peek around the book.  Move all fingers showing all the mice coming out of their hole.