Kangaroos/Monkey Mitts

This Character Set is to be used in conjunction with the Monkey Mitt and easily attaches to the fingers with Velcro.  The set includes 5 characters, the words to the Rhyme and 1 Activity Suggestion.

WZ113  Kangaroos  $8.95      Sale Price $2.95

The Words to the Rhyme:
Australia is the home of Kangaroos,
Who jump very high whenever they choose.
With silky, soft fur, but skin that is tough,
They feed on green leaves “til they've had enough.
Mama and Grandma have a pouch outside,
A very good place for babies to hide!
The babies hop out if the day is fair.
But it's winter here when it's summer there.
If you ever went to visit the zoo,
Did you happen to see a Kangaroo?

Activity Suggestion:  Using a globe, point out the United States and Australia.