About Us

Girls_Playing_MusicMelody House, a proven leader in the development of educational recordings for the classroom & Living Room, was established in 1971.  At the time of its inception, Melody House was one of only a handful of recording/publishing houses committed to the development and distribution of quality children’s music.  Today, we are still on the cutting edge while meeting the needs of both educators and parents as we continue to produce our unique brand of upbeat music that is educational, as well as, enjoyable.

Melody House and its award-winning artists know that children learn best when they are in motion – when they are taking an active part.  Exploring, moving, manipulating and playing are all words which describe the learning processes that provide children the information needed to develop their social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills.  This is why our artists strive to write and record songs that match the active nature of the child, and in doing so, provide children, teachers and parents with music that gives them the opportunity to move, dance, participate, listen and most importantly, have fun.  We provide Funtastic Educational Music and More for the Classroom & Living Room.  Welcome to our House.  Feel free to stay a while and look around.