Stephen Fite

As long as Stephen can remember, he has always loved music. At the young age of five he had big dreams of being the fifth Beatle. That whole British band thing never panned out, but, he has found something just as cool, if not cooler. He has realized his dream of playing before crowds of screaming fans - the very young variety. The bonus is that through his play (it’s not really work if you love it), he is able to touch their lives by aiding in their education.

Stephen is an award-winning musician/writer whose albums have received eighteen nationally recognized honors. Suitable for the classroom, car or living room, his upbeat brand of children’s music spans the spectrum from Rock to Reggae, Pop to Blues, Dixieland and many other styles.

His newest release, Superheroes of Learning is a collection of upbeat movement & curriculum based songs targeted for Pre-K through 2nd Grade classrooms! These Stephen Fite recordings, Giddy Up & Learn, Dive Into A Learning Adventure, All Aboard for Learning, Gobs Of Fun, Rock The Day Away, We're Just Like Crayons, Wiggles, Jiggles & Giggles & Havin' Fun & Feelin' Groovy are recipients of multiple children's music awards.

In addition to his award winning albums, Stephen has written the following titles: Songs for a Funtastic School Day, Cool To Be In School, Monkey Business, Watch Me Move, as well as, these titles with children’s artist Mr. Al, Just One World, Back To School and Back To School Again.

Since the mid 80s, Stephen has performed over 1,100 concerts for over 850,000 children, as well as, keynotes and workshops for educators in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Virginia. He is available for concerts, keynotes or workshops and may be contacted at 800/234-9228.

Stephen's Concerts

Stephen's shows have been described as an "interactive celebration of music and learning." Geared for ages 3 to 7 years, Stephen combines a solid hour of music and movement with generous helpings of rhythm, repetition and rhyme to create a festive buffet of entertainment and fun. For children, the concert experience is exciting and motivating as they become active participants from the opening song. For teachers and parents, it is both relaxing and inspirational as they sit back (if they can stay in their seat) and enjoy the children's individual performances.

Stephen's Workshops & Keynotes

Stephen's presentations are music-filled and motivational, but more importantly, informative and full of ideas educators can use immediately in their classroom. Using his homemade Big Books, Children's Literature, Rhythm Instruments, and other Props, Stephen will bring to teachers a renewed enthusiasm for using music to span their curriculum. To book a Stephen Fite Workshop or Keynote call Melody House at 1.800.234.9228.

Stephen's Piggyback Song Ideas For You

Stephen has written and found some fun piggyback tunes that you can use during your Circle Time, Calendar Time or for Transitions.  Click here to download the article or print out a copy.

The Official Stephen Fite Definition

Fite (sounds like kite), n. Stephen,  1. writer, performer of funtastic educational music for the classroom and living room.  2.  children’s musician from Oklahoma.  3.  silly, goofy, energetic, inclined to push buttons with people named Joe.  4.  one who looks for fun in everything he does.

Funtastic (fun tas’tik), adj.  1. the music of Stephen Fite.


Teacher Comments About Stephen's Presentations:

"Stephen Fite was great.  I enjoyed the session and gleaned a lot of new ideas.  I would recommend his training to everyone!

"WOW! My second time to be in a Stephen Fite workshop and I loved it again."

"You are awesome - you should teach Kindergarten!"

"Came with a headache, left with a smile."

"Great session! Thanks for all the fun and creative music and movement ideas! God bless you for your talent and love of music!"

"Excellent ideas to use in my 1st grade classroom!"

"Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!"

"Absolutely Awesome! I've never been disappointed at a Stephen Fite event!"

"Always a pleasure!! He makes me feel I can sing everything I can't."

"You are absolutely outstanding!!!"

"Had a great time! Love the song ideas to incorporate into my day! Thanks!"

"Just a wonderful, fabulous workshop! Never tire of seeing or hearing you!"

"He's the Bomb! So much Fun!"

“Most enjoyable presentation that I attended today.  Thanks so much!”

“Very motivating and excellent developmental information.”

“Loved this workshop!  Very fun and learned a lot from this presentation.”

“Absolutely fantastic!”

“The music was great and fun and also included a great understanding of early childhood development--amazing presentation!”