Herman The Worm Project Board Set, PS-1st

This unique set will allow you to visually illustrate the popular story of Herman The Worm for your class.  All the components that make this beloved chant come alive are included: The Yo-Yo, The Bubblegum, The Animals and matching words for each, and of course Herman.  All pieces are velcroed to the project board so that you or the children can manipulate the story as Herman grows and grows!

This multi-use set will allow your children to work on a multitude of skills including: animal recognition, size differential, sequencing, word matching and manners.  Assembly instructions and words and motions included.  The recorded version is available on Stephen Fite's Wiggles, Jiggles & Giggles CD.  Board, Border and Velcro not included.

MH-PB01  Herman Set  $9.95

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