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Visit this page for more information on ticket prices, reservations, and more for Stephen's Funtastic School Day 2016-2017 concert tour.
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Ticket Information

Please Don’t Wait.  Reserve Now!


Tickets for the 2017-2018 Superheroes of Knowldge Concert Tour are $6.00 each for groups of 5 or more, $7.00 each for 4 or less, and must be reserved by phone at 800-234-9228, Monday thru Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., CST.

New this year: 1 FREE seat for every 20 reserved

How Do I Reserve?

Reserving your seats for this one-of-a-kind show is very simple. Call us with an estimated seat count and change it once you have solid numbers on students and chaperones. Our toll-free number is 800-234-9228, or if you’re in the greater Oklahoma City area, try us on our local line at 405-840-3383.

When Is The Money Due?

Money for the field trip is not due until 30 Days from the date of the concert so please do not wait to collect your money before reserving as these shows fill up quickly.  If you need more time to send in your payment we’ll be more than happy to work with you. Tickets are non-refundable once payment is received.

How Can I Get A Flier?

If you would like a concert flier mailed to you, call or email us with a name and address and we’ll send it out asap. If you would like one mailed to a friend, we’ll be happy to do that too.

Note: Ticket Price includes all applicable taxes.