Santa is His Name-O – by Stephen Fite

Santa is His Name-O – by Stephen Fite

Piggyback songs are super-simple to write and even easier for young ears/brains to learn. Through the years I have adapted quite a few and learned many more from teachers who love to sing their way through the school day. Some of my favorites came from educators who teamed up at my trainings and created some memorable lyrics using long-established tunes. One such title was seared in to my memory due to its simplicity and the rousing laughter and applause it received upon its debut.

There is a place we need to go

And Potty is its Name-O

P-O-T-T-Y, P-O-T-T-Y, P-O-T-T-Y

And Potty is its Name-O

With that little ditty in mind, allow me to share with you a Holiday take I came up with last year based on that same beloved children’s song we all learned and love.

There is a jolly man I know

And SANTA is his Name-OWZ145 Santa & Elves

S-A-N-T-A, S-A-N-T-A, S-A-N-T-A

And SANTA is his Name-O

Each time you leave out a letter, insert a boisterous “HO” in its place. By the time you reach that last verse, you’ll have created lots of little Santa’s Helpers and plenty of holiday cheer. You can also give the children Wrist/Ankle Bells (Rhythm Instruments) to ring in place of each letter left out to make it even more festive.

By the way, the Monkey Mitts Character Set of Santa & His Elves would lend itself well to this song if you happen to have it available.

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