“Sing & Read” Alphabet Big Book Collection


The original “Sing & Read” books, written and developed by teachers, will increase early language and literacy skills. They provide an easy and practical method for teaching colors, numbers, letters, shapes and nursery rhymes through humorous stories and songs. This unique, classroom-tested collection of books and music will introduce skills while engaging children with their adorable characters and familiar tunes. Young minds will gain confidence and retain information while learning to become successful readers. “Sing & Read” books will capture the hearts of children and develop the love of reading for a lifetime.

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Set includes:

  • 26 11″ x 17″ Big Books
  • 1 Storage Box
  • 1 Teachers Guide CD Rom/Digital Download
  • 1 Reproducible Little Books CD Rom/Digital Download
  • 1 Music CD/mp3 Digital Download


Alphabet Characters:

  1. Apple Annie
  2. Benjamin Bunny
  3. Cathy Cook
  4. Daisy Doll
  5. Elmo the Elephant
  6. Funny Fish
  7. Gus the Goat
  8. Hippo Hop
  9. Isabella Inchworm
  10. Jungle Jim
  11. Katy Kangaroo
  12. Larry Lion
  13. Marvin the Monkey
  14. Nellie Nurse
  15. Octopus Stew
  16. Penelope Pig
  17. Quilla the Queen
  18. Rowdy the Rodeo Rat
  19. Silly Snake
  20. Tommy Tiger
  21. Uncle Ugbee
  22. Victor the Vulture
  23. Willie & Wanda
  24. Foxy Roxy
  25. Yippy Yak
  26. Zippity Zoo
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