“Sing & Read” Alphabet Collection CD


Ages: 3 to 6

All 26 Alphabet songs from the “Sing & Read” Alphabet Collection are sung by Children’s recording artist Stephen Fite. The first time Stephen sings alone; the second time children join him and the third time thru is instrumental only so that the children listening can sing by themselves.

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Song Titles:

1. Apple Annie
2. Benjamin Bunny
3. Cathy Cook
4. Daisy Doll
5. Elmo The Elephant
6. Funny Fish
7. Gus The Goat
8. Hippo Hop
9. Isabella Inchworm
10. Jungle Jim
11. Katy The Kangaroo
12. Larry Lion
13. Marvin The Monkey
14. Nellie The Nurse
15. Octopus Stew
16. Penelope Pig
17. Quilla The Queen
18. Rowdy The Rat
19. Silly Snake
20. Tommy Tiger
21. Uncle Ugbee
22. Victor The Vulture
23. Willie And Wanda
24. X-Foxy Roxy
25. Yippy The Yellow Yak
26. Zippity Zoo

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