Five Little Monkeys Math Game & Song – Downloadable pdf & mp3


This downloadable package features Stephen’s Five Little Monkeys song and a fun, easy-to-play Math Game for Centers or large groups.

Listen to the Song Sample – Five Little Monkeys

How to Play:

If a child rolls a 1 thru 5, they put a monkey in the corresponding spot on the tree. Ex: a roll of 4 would put a monkey in the 4 spot. If they roll a 6 they lose that turn. After they finish their roll, the die is passed to the next child. If a number is rolled that already contains a monkey, nothing happens and the die is given to the next child in line. The first child to fill the tree with all the monkeys is the winner.

Alternate Rule: If a 6 is rolled, Mr. Alligator has snatched one of your Monkeys and you must choose one to take off the tree.

An alternate method would be team or whole class play; allowing each child one roll before moving to the next player.

NOTE: The signs held by the monkeys have been left blank so that you may add Number Words for word recognition; Numerals or Dots for matching or even Number Sentences.

Included in this package:

  • Five Little Monkeys song by Stephen Fite
  • Five Little Monkeys Lyric Sheet
  • 4 Tree/Alligator Playing Sheets
  • 1 Sheet of 20 Monkeys (5 for each player)
  • Instruction Sheet

Die is not included.

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