Monkey Tales Storytelling Board Printed Prop Set


Ages: 3 to 6

These eight colorful props are designed for use with the Monkey Tales Storytelling Board and will provide you with new and exciting ways to teach when used in conjunction with the suggested Character Sets.  The props are printed on gloss-coated, thick paper stock and attach to the board with Velcro backing.  They are also sold individually.

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This set Includes 8 printed props. (Monkey Bed and Tree not included)

  • Bingo Dog House – used with Character Set WZ104 Bingo
  • Pumpkin Fence –  used with Character Set WZ143 Five Little Pumpkins
  • Turtle Tub – used with Character Set WZ104 Tiny Tim Turtle
  • Duck Pond – used with Character Set WZ107 Five Little Ducks
  • Old Mac’s Barn – used with Character Set WZ118 Old Mac’s Farm
  • Frog Log – used with Character Set WZ110 Five Speckled Frogs
  • Turtle Box – used with Character Set WZ104 Turtle Who Lived in a Box
  • Dinosaur Park – used with Character Set WZ104 Five Fat Funny Dinosaurs
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