Brain Breaks CD


This CD is filled with 18 fun, upbeat, dance, exercise and creative movement songs that your children will love!  These tunes are perfect for the elementary classroom, physical education and homeschoolers.  Each song is about 2 to 3 minutes long which is the ideal amount of time to get some physical activity, get the heart rate up and increase blood flow going to the muscles along with strengthening the areas of our brain.  Brain research suggests that physical activity like engaging in Jack’s fun movements songs increases a student’s ability to process and retain new material.  Brain Breaks includes fitness activities, exercises, dances, crossover moves, creative activities and dramatic play which all help your children rejuvenate and re-focus on learning.

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Song Titles:

1. Boom Chicka Boom
2. Humpty Dumpty Rap
3. Bo Diddley Bop
4. Count to 100 Workout Song
5. I Can Move My Body Like Anything
6. Letter Sound Power
7. Workout Leader
8. 5 Little Monkeys
9. We’re Cool Counters
10. Milton the Mouse Shake About
11. Salsa Dance
12. Rock & Repeat After Me
13. Show Me How You Move Your Body
14. Move It With Me
15. Dance With a Friend & Freeze
16. Work Hard Like Adam the Ant
17. Like the Animals Do
18. Boom Chicka Boom 2

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