Bop, Pop & Hip-Hop CD


Ages: 3 to 6

Skills included on this CD are: Kindness, Alphabet Awareness, Letter Sounds, Circle Time Fun, Listening, Exercising, Bullying Prevention, Nursery Rhyme Fun, Multicultural Awareness, Dancing, Vowel Sounds, Focusing Attention, Gross Motor Movement, Fitness, Cooperation, Directionality, Diversity & Self – Esteem.



Song Titles:

1. Fergie the Frog
2. Friendship Walk
3. Mother Goose is on the Move
4. If You’re Happy and You Know It
5. Stop Bullying NowLetter Sounds A to Z
6. Be a Friend, Don’t Be a Bully
7. It’s Circle Time
8. Work and Play Together Today
9. A B C Cha Cha
10. Vowel Sound Samba
11. Letter Sounds A to Z
12. Give a Little Good Touch
13. Teddy Bear Hip-Hop
14. Funky Freeze
15. Cowabunga
16. Pump it Up Pokey
17. We’re All Different and We’re the Same
18. Movin is Cool

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