Counting Piggy Tails CD


Ages: 2 to 6

This collection of tunes is better than counting sheep. Soothing songs to help your children relax, feel calm, and maybe… go to sleep. Topics and Skills include the abc’s, the days of the week, self-esteem, the colors of the rainbow, basic counting 1 to 10, being a school family, respecting and caring for others, the life cycle of a butterfly and more.

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Song Titles:

1. Humpty Dumpty
2. ABC Lullaby
3. Magic Pony
4. Everyone Needs to Rest
5. Show Kindness Everyday
6. Butterfly Flutter By
7. Counting Piggy Tails
8. There’s Someone Who Loves You
9. Make Beautiful Wishes
10. The Golden Rule
11. Colors of the Rainbow
12. Days of the Week
13. We Are a Family
14. I Love You – No Matter What
15. There’s Someone Who Loves You (music only)
16. We Are a Family (music only)
17. I Love You – No Matter What (music only)

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