Hip-Hop AlphaBop 2 CD


Ages: 3 to 8

Topics and skills include letter sounds, word families, sequencing, auditory memory, language play, print awareness, listening, comprehension, rhyming awareness, high frequency sight words, onsets, rhymes, beginning sound substitution and reading strategies.

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Song Titles:

1. Start This Day With a Song
2. Hip-Hop Tooty Ta
3. Workout to the Letter Sounds
4. The Silly Pirate Song
5. Jack’s Miss Mary Mack
6. The Cowboy Dance
7. Make a Rhyme, Make a Move
8. Move to the Alphabet
9. The Cool Itsy Bitsy Spider
10. 5 Funky Little Monkeys
11. Hop Over It
12. Let’s Make Words
13. Be a Family of Words
14. Down in the Jungle
15. Groovin Peanut Butter and Jelly
16. Rockin Hip-Hoppin’ Apples and Bananas
17. Popcorn Words (4, 5 & 6 letter)
18. Words
19. Hand Print On Our Hearts
20. Hip-Hop Tooty Ta (open)
21. Workout to the Letter Sounds (open)
22. Make a Rhyme, Make a Move
23. Let’s Make Words (open)
24. Move to the Alphabet (open)
25. Hand Print On Our Hearts (music only)

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