Movin’ 2 Math CD


Ages: 4 to 9

This collection of songs combine current learning methods and brain research with a variety of crossing the midline moves for building brain and body connections.

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Song Titles:

1. Movin’ 2 Math
2. Make Any Shape and Freeze
3. Let’s Get Fit (counting to 100 by 1’s)
4. Chicken Count
5. Right Here
6. Dancin’ 2’s
7. Exercise and Count by 5’s
8. Daddy’s Special Stew
9. Kangaroo Learns Left and Right
10. Could It Happen or Not?
11. Days of the Week Rap Back
12. Mr. Alligator Can Chomp
13. Roller Coaster Ride
14. Hip-Hop Around the Clock
15. Math Word Cheer
16. My Whole Body Can Move
17. The Add & Subtract Body Part Dance
18. The Mother’s Day
19. Make Any Shape and Freeze (open)
20. Let’s Get Fit (open)
21. Mr. Alligator Can Chomp (open)
22. Hip-Hop Around the Clock (open)
23. This Mother’s Day (open)

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