Multiply by Music CD


Ages: 7 to 11

Every song has cool original music that is very contemporary and age-appropriate for 2nd through 5th graders.  Also, every song goes through each table 1 through 12 three times to give your children a chance for more practicing.  Each song also has a gradual learning structure.  First time through the multiplication table the answer is given. The second time through the answer is delayed so children have a chance to answer before it is sung. The third time it is completely omitted so children can answer on their own.

This CD also includes songs on multiplying by 0 (zero) and has two multiplication facts quiz songs that leave blanks for the random order of multiplication facts answers.  Also included is a song entitled “The Switch” to help children understand and practice multiplying by the same answer. Five (5) bonus multiplication facts songs are included at the end of the album. Let your children sing out in a group or practice by themselves.

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Song Titles:

1. One
2. Two
3. Three
4. Four
5. Five
6. Six
7. Seven
8. Eight
9. Nine
10. Ten
11. Eleven
12. Twelve
13. Zero
14. Hip-Hop Cool Quiz
15. The Switch
16. Hip-Hop Cool Quiz

Bonus Songs:

17. Four
18. Five
19. Six
20. Ten
21. Rockin’ Mixed Quiz

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