Rockin’ Reading Songs CD


Ages: 3 to 9

Jack’s reading songs on this CD combine today’s music, research-based reading skills, fun body movements, and exercise. Some of the skills taught are alphabet recognition, letter sounds, social skills, and word families.

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Song Titles:

1. Good Day
2. Exercising Alphabet
3. Act Out the Alphabet
4. Vowel Sound Hound Dogs 1
5. Clap, Stomp & Chomp
6. Silly Rock Star Song
7. Digraph Dance
8. Onomatopoeia Alphabet
9. Reading Rocks
10. Exercise to the Beginning Letter Sound
11. Exercise When We Rhyme
12. Rock Out Tooty Ta
13. Reading Question Song
14. New Hokey Pokey Dance
15. Compound Word Workout
16. Follow the Leader
17. Leroy the Letter Eating Lion
18. Rules of Reading
19. Let Your Body Be a Punctuation Mark
20. Party Down on the Farm
21. Pay Attention to Punctuation
22. Peanut the Pig
23. Punctuation Power
24. Figure Words Out
25. Workout With a Family of Words
26. You’re In the Band
27. Vowel Sound Hound Dogs 2

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