Sing & Move At The Alphabet Zoo CD


Ages: 3 to 9

Topics and skills include alphabet awareness and recognition, rhyming awareness, counting words and sounds, letter sounds, word families, self-esteem and story re-telling.

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Song Titles:

1. Alphabet Zoo
2. The Animal Parade
3. Rocco The Rhyming Rhino
4. The Animal Hokey Pokey
5. The Three Billy Goats Gruff
6. Count And Move
7. Who Is At The Zoo
8. The Animal Alphabet Cheer
9. Do Like The Animals Do
10. Animals Exercising
11. Count The Animal Sounds
12. Stretchy the Word Snake
13. Chunk It
14. Peek-A-Boo The Bird
15. Down In Jamaica
16. Rhymin’ Lion
17. Please Say Cheese
18. Benny The Blending Baboon
19. Miguel The Magic Monkey
20. The Celebration Song
21. Monkey Say, Monkey Do
22. The Animal Alphabet Cheer
23. The Celebration Song
24. Rocco The Rhyming Rhino (Open Version)
25. Chunk It (Open Version)
26. Stretchy The Word Snake (Open Version)
27. Miguel The Magic Monkey (Open Version)

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