Let’s Get Fit to the Alphabet CD


Ages: 3 to 8

Language Arts & Literacy Skills Included On This CD: Understand Basic Features of Print, Recognize & Produce Rhyming Words, Blend & Segment Onsets & Rhymes, Demonstrate One – to – One Letter – Sound Correspondence, Read Common High Frequency Words, Recognize Vowels & Corresponding Sounds, Pronounce, Blend & Segment Syllables, Add, Substitute & Isolate Phonemes, Phoneme Deletion & Identifying Words, Isolate & Pronounce Initial Sounds, Identify Characters, Settings & Major Events in a Story, Recognize Vowels & Corresponding Sounds and Recognize & Name the Letters of the Alphabet.



Song Titles:

1. Let’s Get Fit to the Alphabet
2. The Way We Read
3. Booyah, Booyah
4. What Letter Is It
5. Get Up to Get Down
6. Zig-Zag Ziggety Zee
7. Zig-Zag Ziggety Zee (open)
8. Play With Sounds and Dance Around
9. Beginning Sound Workout
10. Clap Our Syllables
11. I Can Make Words that Rhyme
12. Workout As We Rhyme
13. Jump Out Words
14. Sports Syllable Song
15. Exercise to Onsets & Rimes
16. Phoneme Deletion Freeze
17. Vowel Sound Workout
18. Vowel Shape Up
19. Stretch, Reach, Bend & Blend
20. Sight Word Spelling
21. Word Family Workout
22. Super Hero Song
23. Look Out for Bossy R
24. Workout with Bossy R
25. Separating Sounds & Stretch
26. Tell Me Where We Are
27. Word On My Mind
28. You Make a Difference
29. Shoot for the Stars Today

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