Peeper Pizzaazzz


Ages: 2 to 6

Dove Award Winner
iParenting Award Winner

Filled with rhythms, songs and puppet fun for kids. Rap and snap with the Gingerbread Man Rap, dance with the monkeys and find out who stole the honey from the bear’s honey jar.

MJH-100P Peeper Puppet

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Song Titles:

1. Peepers All Around
2. Teaching Spirit
3. Jeepers Peepers
4. Aiken Drum
5. Eency, Weency Spider
6. Honey Jar
7. Scarecrow
8. Pickin’ Pumpkins In The Pumpkin Patch
9. Bubbles
10. Caterpillar
11. Friends
12. Ginger Bread Rap
13. Groundhog In The Ground
14. Hug-A-Lug
15. Weather Watcher
16. Monkey Business
17. Peepers Goodnight

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