Mr. Al Sings and Moves CD


Ages: 2 to 8

This rockin’ collection of movement tunes will allow your children to work on motor skills such as: hopping, jumping, crawling, skipping, etc. In addition to movement and coordination skills, these songs will assist children in directional skills and spatial awareness. Lyrics and activity suggestions included.

Song Titles:

1. Hello Everybody
2. Creepy Crawlin’
3. Rock ‘n Roll Body Parts
4. I Can Bend
5. My Mama Told Me
6. Moonbeams
7. Wiggle Your Knees Boogie
8. The Exercise Rap
9. Shake Everything
10. The Jumping Song
11. Twistin’ and Turnin’
12. Galloping Country Style
13. Hop on One Foot Bop
14. Hip If You Skip
15. Move to the Music

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