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Ages: 3 to 6

This Character Set is to be used in conjunction with the Monkey Mitt and easily attaches to the fingers with Velcro.  The set includes 5 characters, the words to the Rhyme and 1 Activity Suggestion.

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The Words to the Rhyme:
(Insert child’s name – Jason, Jennifer, etc.)“—————–” says your friend the Policeman, “Never set toe,
In a car with a person you do not know.”
Mother says, “You must never go anywhere
With anyone unless you tell me so.”
The Policeman said, “She’s right you know.”
If any tries to grab you,
Scream, “NO – NO, NO, I won’t GO!”
Activity Suggestion: Talk with children about the difference in strangers and safe men/women.  Also men/women in uniform such as police, firefighters, etc.
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