Circle Dances for Today


These fun-to-do dances and mixers are ideal for co-ed settings. Each of the 5 songs included offers Instruction, Cues and Music Only versions.

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Song Titles:

1. Tennessee Wig Walk (Instructions)
2. Tennessee Wig Walk (Cues)
3. Tennessee Wig Walk (Music Only)
4. Seven Jumps (Instructions)
5. Seven Jumps (Cues)
6. Seven Jumps (Music Only)
7. Candida (Instructions)
8. Candida (Cues)
9. Candida (Music Only)
10. Five Foot Two (Instructions)
11. Five Foot Two (Cues)
12. Five Foot Two (Music Only)
13. Jiffy Mixer (Instructions)
14. Jiffy Mixer (Cues)
15. Jiffy Mixer (Music Only)

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