We’re Goin’ on a Letter Hunt – Free Downloadable pdf & mp3


Use this FREE mp3 of Stephen’s Treasure Hunt song/track from his CD, Superheroes of Knowledge to lead your children on a Letter Hunt throughout your classroom or school while working on beginning sounds. Print out words that begin with the letter you are learning/reviewing and place them around your classroom. You may want to have the letter you are working on printed off as well. Turn off the lights and use your flashlight to point to the word. Your class should repeat the words to the song just as you would when singing/chanting Bear Hunt or Shark Hunt from his Stephen Fite Concert Songs CD.

Listen to the Song – We’re Goin’ on a Letter Hunt

Included in this package:

  • mp3 of We’re Goin’ on a Treasure Hunt
  • pdf of the Lyrics to the song


Lyrics to the song using the letter B as an example:

We’re goin’ on a letter hunt
We’re lookin’ all around
For a letter like this (show letter)
That has its own sound
Look over there
I think I see a word (point flashlight at word)
It starts with our letter
A sound we’ve all heard
We’re lookin’ for a letter
And it sounds like this
Buh – Ball, Buh – Ball, Buh – Ball, Buh – Ball


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