Superhero Alphabet Activities Set & Song Package – Downloadable pdfs, mp3 & wmv


This beginning letter sounds super-set will have your Superheroes in Training excited and soaring to new heights in their recognition of letters. This package features Stephen’s song, Supersonic Letter Sounds as an mp3 as well as a wmv smart board video.

Design by Jennifer Knopf at Herding Kats in Kindergarten

Listen to the Song Sample – Supersonic Letter Sounds

Included in this package:

  • Stephen Fite’s Supersonic Letter Sounds Song mp3 – from his album, Superheroes of Knowledge
  • Beginning Sounds Clip Cards – Look at the picture, name it and sound out the first letter. Mark your answer with a clothespin. Three matching cut and paste worksheets included. 52 Cards total – 2 different pictures for each letter.
  • Alphabet Match-Up Cards – 26 Upper & 26 Lower Case cards combined with 26 Picture Cards. Match upper case to lower case or letter to picture.
  • “I have __, who has __?” Cards – 27 cards for letter sound and visual recognition. Listen for the letter at the top of your card and respond with the letter at the bottom of your card. Ex: “I have C. Who has F?”
  • Write the Room – Includes 26 cards. Place all or some of the cards around the room. Give each child or team a Recording Sheet and instruct them to find the cards. They should identify the picture and sound out the beginning letter. Next, they should match the number on the card to the number on the sheet and write the upper and lower case letters next to it. 26 cards plus 2 different Recording Sheets
  • Supersonic Letter Sounds Video – A WMV file for your smart board. Includes the song with easily-identifiable pictures and the corresponding letter (upper & lower case) next to it. Watch the sample below.
  • Instructions


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