I liked everything about the show. It was funny. I got to yell for once and we got to stand up. It was awesome!

Devez, 1st Grader

My daughter attended your concert this morning and she had so much fun that she is STILL talking about it. She is very happy and very excited that she got to see you. Thank you for the work that you do in bringing so much joy to children.

Chrissy, Parent

Hey Stephen! We loved your concert so much!  It was the best day ever! You are an AWESOME singer and a really FUNNY guy. Our favorite song is Down By The Bay; it’s so silly!! You were a very nice pirate and had a really cool costume. We hope to see you again very soon, but for now we will keep jamming with you in our classroom! You Rock!

Miss Ulbrich’s Kindergarten Class

My daughter and I attended your concert in Hunstville, Alabama last week on a class field trip.  This morning, the radio mentioned Elvis and she asked who he was.  My husband tried to explain that he was one of the greatest singers ever and that Elvis and the Beatles were probably the most famous musicians of all time.  Her response:  ‘Yeah, Elvis, the Beatles, and Stephen Fite.  He’s just as good as those guys.’  Thought you would appreciate that!  She obviously had a great time 🙂

Holly Dodd, Parent

The show was wonderful!!  Thanks for the “friendly service” while making the reservations all the way up to the phenomenal show!  The children loved it!

Ossun Elem. Kdgn. Teachers

Dear Mr. Fite, thank you for the concert.  My favorite part was all the singing and the dancing and pretty much everything.

Peyton, 1st Grader

Hey! I had a behavioral specialist observing my class the other day and we were singing your songs. She said she had been to many morning meetings, but that was the best music she had ever heard. She really liked the days of the week and months of the year songs.

Lisa Godbey Blount, Teacher

I wanted to take a moment to say how much my daughter Genevieve loves Stephen Fite. She first saw him in 2009 with her preschool class in Topeka Kansas. In 2010 a week before we moved from Topeka to Smyrna GA, I attended the Giddy Up and Learn concert with her. Stephen is awesome, truly special. It’s now 2011, and Genevieve came up to my office 20 minutes ago for help with her cowgirl boots.  She wanted to put on her cowgirl clothes and listen to the Giddy Up and Learn CD….wow!!!  Every road trip we take, Stephen comes along and everyone in the car sings along with him; we have his last 3 CD”s in our collection.

Carolyn Lapierre, Parent

Hey Stephen, My daughter Phoebe and I LOVED the concert when we went with some friends to Fort Worth on 3/25.  I will be going with my kindergarten class to Texas Hall in Arlington with my class next week.  Phoebe is 4 and wants me to smuggle her on the Field Trip so that she can go again, but I told her she has to wait for kindergarten next year.  She has been to your concerts the last 3 years, and we have her pre-school class hooked on your music because we purchased music for them.  As a kindergarten teacher, I want to thank you for consistently putting on an entertaining, quality show that schools can justify and afford to use as a field trip.  My students LOVE your songs, and our teaching assistants appreciate them, too, because they teach music class with your music.  I predict that my school will use your concert as our kindergarten field trip as long as you keep coming to Arlington.  As a parent, I can foresee myself playing hooky one day a year to take Phoebe to the Ft. Worth concert for a mother daughter day for the next few years.  My youngest son Brian is only one, but he will probably join us when he is about three.  Phoebe’s friend and his mom, as well as her three year old teacher came along. They could not believe how much fun we had. They had nothing but compliments and praise for the organization and energy level of your show.  They kept asking me if I was sure that the tickets were less than $5 each. They all treasure the photos we took on stage with you after the concert.  When my husband asked Phoebe how the concert was, she yelled, “It was awesome AND we got to go on stage and take a picture with Stephen Fite.”  She told him all of the details and then proclaimed me as the best mother ever for taking her.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I agree with Phoebe – you are AWESOME!

Margaret Johnson, Kindergarten Teacher & Parent

You are bald. You look more cool with your hat on.

Lucy, Kindergartener

Dear Stephen, When you sang it made my face light up!

Teena, Kindergartener

Just wanted to let you know how much my grandson enjoyed his First Concert.  I bought him a t-shirt the day of the show and of course he had to put in on while on the bus.  That’s when I noticed that you were going to be in Pasadena, TX the following week.  So I drove there just to purchase the CD.  He was so excited and has played it over and over.  He also changed into his cowboy hat and shirt so he can dance along.

Rochelle & Carter

Hey Stephen, I loved your show.  It was like a disco party.  I’m your new, biggest fan.  You were unbelieveable!

Peyton, 1st Grader

We were at your show today and had a blast!! This is the best fieldtrip that we have been on and the kids loved it!!! The kids had fun dancing and singing along with you, while also learning!  We hope that you will be around this area next year, too!

Elm Tree Kindergarten Teachers

Dear Stephen, You are one of the best singers I know!  So I turned into one of your biggest fans.  I love your music!  It is some of the best music I’ve heard.  You are the best!

Bella, 1st Grader

Dear Stephen, I absolutely loved your concert!  It couldn’t be better.  Thank you so much for letting me come.

Hannah, 1st Grader

Dear Stephen, I loved your concert.  You rocked the stage.  I really liked your pizza song.

Makenna, 1st Grader

Dear Stephen, Thank you for all the fun.  I had the best field trip ever!  Gnarly Dude!

Sydney, 1st Grader

The school and I had the opportunity and privilege of attending your concert in Lake Charles, Louisiana.  I have to say that the Wiggles have nothing on you.  You are truly an amazing one-man band that mesmerized and captivated the hearts and minds of our little children and if I must admit it, some of the adults, parents, and teachers as well.  I thank you for putting on such a truly AWESOME concert that Matthew continues to talk about. Thank you.

Mary N., Proud Parent of Matthew and lil’ Marc

I attended your concert today in Bartlesville, OK.  I was the Mom front row center!  I just wanted to let you know that I wasn’t expecting to have such a wonderful time!  The children and the parents from Kane Elementary had such a great time. My little girl LOVED it!  I’ve never seen her get up and dance like that. She came home and went directly to the computer so that she could listen to her new cd.  Thanks for what you do. You are a true blessing to children everywhere!  By the way, the monkey bit was a big hoot!  My daughter had to tell everyone that the big monkey snuck up on you!  That was her favorite part!

Tracie Leonard, Parent

We absolutely LOVED it.  I wish we didn’t have to wait a year to do it again. That was the best field trip I have ever taken in my 11 years of teaching!

Erin Warren, Pre-Kindergarten

Dear Stephen Fite, I enjoyed your concert. You are contagiously cool! You are unbelievable! I love your songs. My favorite is It’s A Pizza.

Abbey, 1st Grader

Dear Stephen, I loved the show.  It was the best field trip ever!  My favorite songs were Herman the Worm and the Pizza song and the Button Factory. Thank you for letting us come.

Madison, 1st Grader

I had the privilege of attending your concert on November 20 in Springdale, Arkansas with my class of Kindergarteners.  I have taught Kindergarten since 1990 and your concert was by FAR the BEST field trip I have EVER taken a class to!  You kept the children entertained, interested, and excited the entire hour.  But even better for a teacher – you organized the children getting in AND out of the theater. The children are still talking about your concert, they LOVE to “air guitar”- especially to let off steam and energy on stay in recess days!  And I actually had one little boy crying big sobbing tears at the end of your concert.  His reason – he just didn’t want to leave – he wanted to stay and sing and dance wtih you some more!  We have several of your CD’s and I plan to keep Stephen Fite in our classroom!  Several of the parents have requested information on ordering your CD’s and a few children have YOUR CD on THEIR “Santa list”!  Thank you Stephen Fite for producing quality, educational, CLEAN fun!

Sherri MacLean, Kindergarten

Our students in grades Kindergarten through Grade 2 had the privilege of attending the Stephen Fite concert at Ozarka College this morning.  During my years as principal we have attended many different programs, plays and shows. This was certainly one of the best, if not THE BEST program that our younger students have ever attended.  Mr. Fite did an excellent job of entertaining, teaching, and modeling good listening practices for our students.  He managed the crowd extremely well.  I have heard nothing but good comments from both the students and other adults who attended the concert.  Please pass on to Mr. Fite our own “THUMBS UP” for a tremendous job.

Danny Brightwell, Principal

Dear Mr. Fite, My favorite was the Monkey and the guitar!  And You!


Dear Mr. Fite, I enjoyed the show.  You did a wonderful job playing the air guitar!  You’re awesome!


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a fantastic concert!  It was by far the best field trip I have ever taken a class on.  It was very organized and enjoyable, even for the teacher who is usually nervous about field trip day.

Jennifer Beckers, Kindergarten

Thanks for a wonderful show!  Your enthusiasm, energy and love of children and their music are so obvious.  I hope and pray you have many more songs to share with children and teachers.

Marilyn Whitson, 1st Grade

It was so much fun I didn’t want to go back to school again.  I wanted to stay with you!

Caroline, 1st Grader

I just want to say “thank you” for all that you do.  I enjoy taking my children to your concerts and seeing how much fun they have.  I am so thrilled that my daughters teacher uses your cds in her classroom.  My daughter loves to go to school because every morning they listen and dance to your Welcome To School song. I was fortunate enough to be able to buy some of your cds and dvd so that I can share them with all my friends who have young children.  Thank you so much for making learning fun for children.  I look forward to seeing you in concert again and adding to our cd collection.

Joanna McCarthy, Parent