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Visit this page for more information on how to prepare to have a great Funtastic event with Stephen! Included are overall information on what to expect, tips on what to wear, how our wristband policy works, and funtastic activity sheets to get your classroom prepared for The Funtastic School Day concert!
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General Event Information

Stephen Fite Concert BVilleA Funtastic Thank You to Everyone!

What an amazing Concert Tour this was! Over 47,000 Children, Teachers and Parents were in attendance for Stephen’s Shows this school year as we “learned it up”. As part of the Stephen Fite Crew, we found out that watching with our eyes and listening with our ears was the best way to learn and fill our heads with Knowledge. We learned about our Left and Right, reviewed our Days of the Week and made the rain stop by singing The Rain Song. We learned that our Letter, Color and Shape of the Day would give us clues about our Animal of the Day, Fernando the Frog. His name starts with F, he’s Green and he lives on a Lilypad shaped like a Circle. After we met Fernando, he invited us to use his favorite song, It Makes Me Jump, for PE. To top off our FUNTASTIC DAY in the Classroom, Principal Bear called all the Teachers to the office for a Dance Par-Tay! Who knew that teachers could twist and shout so well. All in all, it was a great day at school with a Super Subsitute, Stephen Fite. A huge thank you to everyone who made the 2016-2017 Stephen’s Funtastic School Day Concert Tour a success with your presence and enthusiasm. Our best wishes to you for a FUNTASTIC SUMMER!


Pre-Register Your Group for the 2017-2018 Tour and Receive a FREE Stephen Fite CD/DVD!

The theme for next year’s Tour has been chosen: Superheroes of Knowledge! This is a great show filled with lots of energy and learning and you can pre-register your group NOW! Simply call our offices at 800-234-9228, 8:30 to 4:30, M-Th with your School Name, Address and an estimated Seat Count. You can revise that count later on when school begins. If you call before June 30th, you’ll receive a FREE Stephen Fite CD/DVD of your choice. The CD/DVD will be sent to you once payment for the seats is received. Limit of One (1) CD/DVD per Reservation. The Ticket Price for next year will remain $6 per seat. So call now before you forget. The Dates/Cities for next year will be up by July 15th.


Helpful Information for Teachers and Parents


 Printable Correlations/Standards for the Show



Dressing “Funtastic” for the ShowFuntastic Tour Logo Square 5

This year’s theme is all about the most Funtastic School Day ever! Stephen will be wearing his “funtastic” school clothes for the show, and of course, he needs you to join in on the fun and wear yours too. I’m sure you’re asking, “Just what are Funtastic School Day Clothes?” Well, anything exciting, silly, quirky, or to put it plainly; clothes and accessories so FUNTASTIC, they could never be worn on a NORMAL School Day. Here are just a few ideas: mismatched and colorful shoes and socks, ties with t-shirts, pants that are tooooooo short, shirts with crazy objects attached, funny hats, fun glasses, crazy wigs or hair with color or lots of gel. If your favorite letter is “B”, then attach items like buttons, bows, bears, and balls to your clothes. Your definition of Funtastic may be completely different so create your own “funtastic style”, either as a class or as an individual. Even if you choose not to dress up, make sure you wear your “dancin’ shoes” so you can move and learn with Stephen.

Wristbands for Everyone

In an effort to speed up entry into the theatre, as well as provide security for all in attendance, each person will need to be wearing the Concert Wristband before entering the building.  The wristband will be your ticket for the show.  Click on the link to read about our Wristband Policy and procedures.

Printable Payment Form

If you lost your payment form, simply download this one, print it off and send it on in. Printable Payment Form

Field Trip Permission & Information Sheets

We are happy to be able to offer you “themed” permission and information sheets to send home to your parents. Click the link to download and print yours. Field Trip Permission & Information Sheets



Have a question for Stephen?

If you have a question you would like to ask Stephen regarding his Concerts, Music, or even if you’re just curious about what his favorite color might be, write him a quick message and he’ll respond soon. Fill out the form below:


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