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The ocean is a gnarly place full of cool animals and plants; some small and some ginormous and Stephen is ready to share some great information about them with you. During our tour of the deep, blue seas we’ll learn how waves are created, what the ocean does for the water cycle, how fish breathe and more. We may even go on a Shark Hunt so be prepared for some F-U-N, FUN!

This epic Stephen Fite adventure will set sail the first week of November and you don’t want to miss all that he has in store for you and your school of fish so reserve your seats today so you can say, “I had a gnarly time with Stephen Fite!”

Stephen’s Field Trip Concerts have become an annual event and are respected not only for their engagement, energy and music, but also for the educational concepts contained within the show. They have been described as an “interactive celebration of music and learning” and seek to make children active participants throughout the entire hour-long presentation. We hope that you will make plans now to join Stephen for next year’s tour.


Register Your Group for the 2019-2020 Concert Tour

Stephen’s shows are filled with tons of energy and learning and you can register your group NOW! Simply call our offices at 800-234-9228, 8:30 to 4:30, Monday through Thursday with your school name, address and an estimated seat count. The Ticket Price is $7 per seat. If the date for your chosen city does not work out simply cancel. All confirmations for early reservations will be sent out by the end of August.

If you would like a concert postcard mailed or emailed to you, call or email us with a name and address and we’ll send it out asap. If you would like one sent to a friend, we’ll be happy to do that too.


“Thank you for another wonderful concert!!!!!  From 1 five yr old on the way back to school on the bus when asked if he had fun… ‘Oh yeah!!  That was even way better than playing Minecraft all day!!’   We would like to reserve 55 seats for next year.  Thank you!!!”

Erin Warren – Teacher


Dressing for the Voyage

Stephen loves to see the audience dressed for the theme and this one is going to be so simple a caveman could do it. However, since it’s not a prehistoric theme you’re going to have to come dressed as lifeguards, mermaids, pirates, ship captains, ocean animals or just wear your swimsuits and floaties. Even if you can’t dress the theme come ready to have an epic time with your dancin’ shoes and singing voices. Below are a few examples of what children and teachers have worn in the past.























Payment Form and Helpful Information for Teachers and Parents


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