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What a Super Concert Tour It Was!

Fifty different cities played host to Stephen’s Superheroes of Knowledge Show with thousands upon thousands of children in attendance. The College of Knowledge was a busy institution of super-learning as they worked hard to fill their brains with the most powerful superpower known to man. In addition to their studies, they helped Stephen defeat the evil villain, Dr. Vowel. His mission was to take away our letter sounds so we could never speak again. Each of our graduates completed their Superhero Report Card by covering each of the eight subjects. They began their day with some Physical Education as they took on the Superhero Workout because every Superhero needs more power. Next we found out that Water is a Curious Thing as it can be found in three different forms; Solid, Liquid and Gas. Next we boogied to the Dance Mix Tooty Ta because every Superhero needs to know how to move and groove. The ability to speak another language is an amazing superpower so we honed our Spanish skills with the song, Put Your Hands in the Air. We also discovered that our Five Super Senses send information to our brains and help us learn about the world around us. Counting by 2’s is a wonderful skill; especially when you need that skill to open the safe that contains Stephen’s Super-Secret Letter Sound Formula. Fernando the Frog showed us that manners can be an amazing superpower as the words Please and Thank You cause people to do incredibly nice things for you. Lastly, we sang our Supersonic Letter Sounds song and defeated Dr. Vowel and kept him from stealing our letter sounds. Needless to say, it was quite the heroic day as we partied to the Superhero Dance Mix and took our Superhero Oath. Super Stephen is now resting and re-energizing in preparation for next year’s tour. Word is that it’s going to be a WILD ONE!

Stephen’s Field Trip Concerts have become an annual event and are respected not only for their energy and music, but also for the educational concepts contained within the show. They have been described as an “interactive celebration of music and learning” and seek to make children active participants throughout the entire hour-long presentation. We hope that you will make plans now to join Stephen this coming year.

Pre-Register Your Group for the 2018-2019 Welcome to the Jungle Tour Today!

Stephen’s shows are filled with tons of energy and learning and you can pre-register your group NOW! Simply call our offices at 800-234-9228, 8:30 to 4:30, Monday thru Thursday (closed Fridays) with your school name, address and an estimated seat count. The Ticket Price is $6 per seat for groups of 5 or more and $7 per seat for groups of 4 or less. If the date for your chosen city does not work out simple cancel. We’ll send you a Confirmation in August when school begins.


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