The Hokey Pokey CD


Ages 3 and Up

This is the anniversary remake of our very first album release in 1972. It contains two versions of The Hokey Pokey: one in its original Big Band arrangement and the other in an upbeat, Rock ‘n Roll style. Also included is The Bunny Hop, Pop Goes the Weasel, Skip to my Lou and Oh Susanna. All songs feature an instrumental with the exception of The Bunny Hop. Click on the CD/Music Note icon below to download the Lyrics and Activity Suggestions.

Click each title below to hear a sample.

Song Ttles:

1. The Hokey Pokey/Big Band
2. The Hokey Pokey/Big Band Instrumental
3. The Bunny Hop
4. The Hokey Pokey/Rock ‘n Roll
5. The Hokey Pokey/Rock ‘n Roll Instrumental
6. Skip to My Lou
7. Skip to My Lou/Instrumental
8. Pop Goes the Weasel
9. Pop Goes the Weasel/Instrumental
10. Oh Susanna
11. Oh Susanna/Instrumental

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